The Scramble for Cover of the Long Silent


They were not even corrupt in the same way. Rather from reading the FBI indictment they corrupted almost anything they touched – ticket scams, television and marketing rights frauds, rigged Presidential elections and bribes for hosting rights of major tournaments. So for the CEO of FIFA not to know so much systemic corruption was going on means Blatter was so stupid he could not see what the FBI, Chuck Blazer and Jack Warner are now saying was going on or somehow, some way he was involved. Having met Blatter I am not sure which it is – corrupt or stupid – but no other option exists.



The whole world is watching the unraveling of an alleged, quasi-criminal organization with various executives pleading to bribes and kickbacks. The press conference was the first official FIFA event since then. Of course, the media was going to ask questions about corruption. Not only did the CSA officials try to stop questions (at one point they even ‘shushed’ a CBC reporter for asking a question about corruption). They grew irritated and testy when the questions kept coming. Lesson no. 1 in handling the media: growing angry with a pack of journalists is the equivalent of bleeding in a shark tank. There is no way it is going to end well.Of course, it does not help that the President of the CSA – Victor Montagliani – once described the now-arrested President of CONCACAF – Jeffrey Webb – as a major influence in his life. I am not suggesting that Montagliani is corrupt, just a hapless twerp.




This group of young players stormed their way through the season, losing only three games and winning the division by twenty-one points.The symbolism comes because it is exactly one-hundred years on from the most successful, controversial and heart-breaking time in Hearts history. In 1914-15, Hearts was leading the Scottish first division. Then their entire team signed up to fight in the First World War. The team ended up losing the championship narrowly to Celtic. Seven of the players were killed in the trenches (including three on the first day of the Somme).There are few Hearts fans anywhere in the world who do not think the spirit of those men is in some way helping the team on to their astonishing victory this year. It is a great football story in a time of disheartening news from FIFA.

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2 thoughts on “The Scramble for Cover of the Long Silent”

  1. Simon Holwill says:

    Declan: lovely tribute to Hearts. Ian Rankin and John Rebus are smiling.

  2. declan hill says:

    Top man Simon. Glad you liked it. Declan

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