"one of the year's best [soccer] books" --New York Times

The Fix is the most explosive story of sports corruption in a generation.

It presents compelling evidence that some of the highest soccer matches in the world may have been fixed: European Champions League, Olympic and World Cup tournaments.

Intriguing, riveting, and compelling, The Fix is the story of investigative journalist, Declan Hill, who went inside a group of match-fixers who travel the world corrupting games. In The Fix, Hill reveals for the first time their methods and motives. Hill exposes the deep, corrupt secret at the heart of international football.

Since its publication, The Fix has won numerous international awards and has helped spark over thirty national police investigations. Hill has testified about his finding before the International Olympic Committee, the Council of Europe and numerous national sports agencies.

The Fix will change your view of sports forever.


"This book explains the fight between good and evil that exists in international football today."
Emmanuel Petit
World Cup winning footballer
"A fascinating read. The Fix is part true-crime potboiler, part spy thriller, part academic discourse and part journey of personal discovery."
Stephen Brunt
Globe and Mail
"Declan Hill writes a well-researched book, of investigative journalistic brilliance."
Shaka Hislop
ESPN soccer commentator and World Cup goalkeeper

Read an excerpt from The Fix:

Part I,   Part II.

"Excellent book! Top research, clean prose, beautifully paced."
Simon Kuper
Financial Times
"A book I cannot recommend highly enough."
Lawrence Donegan
The Guardian
"This book should published and read by every football lover in these islands and throughout the rest of Europe."
Steven Powell
Football Supporters' Federation (England & Wales)

"The Fix is astonishing, appalling and--given that football is the world's game--nothing less than earth-shaking. A magnificent example of investigative reporting at its best and--to the reader's delight--written with elegance and verve. Declan Hill has announced himself on the world stage with nothing less than a total triumph. No one who reads this will ever watch a match the same way."
Joe McGinniss
Author of “Selling the Presidency” and “The Miracle of Castel di Sangro”
"An investigative tour de force, as well as a journalist’s personal journal of his travels while researching the dark recesses of organized crime’s grip on football, The Fix weaves a compelling story of players, gangsters and sports executives conspiring to ruin a game so beloved the world over. "
Bruce Livesey
Investigative Journalist



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