Declan Hill

Declan Hill is an investigative journalist, documentary maker and academic. He specializes in the study of organized crime and international issues. He broke the story of match-fixing gangs destroying international football in his book ‘The Fix: Soccer & Organized Crime’. It has now become a best-seller in 20 languages.

Before publishing ‘The Fix’ Hill completed documentaries on the killing of the head of the Canadian mafia, blood feuds in Kosovo and ethnic cleansing in Iraq. He has also made documentaries in Kurdistan, Bolivia, India, Mexico, and Turkey.

Hill has won a number of national and international awards from organizations such as Amnesty International, the Canadian Association of Journalists and Play the Game. He worked for CBC Radio ("Ideas", "Tapestry", "Dispatches", "The Current", "Iraq Unit") CBC Television ("the fifth estate", "Disclosure", "Newsworld" and "Newsworld International") and "PBS Frontline". His programs and articles have appeared on BBC Radio World Service and BBC Radio 4: the Guardian and the Sunday Telegraph (London), as well as various new media outlets. Hill was a Chevening Scholar at Green College, University of Oxford where he obtained his doctorate on the study of match-fixing in professional football. He has also testified before the Council of Europe, the International Olympic Committee and other sports agencies.

Declan Hill’s next book – The Insider’s Guide to Football Corruption- an academic view of match fixing – was released in November 2013.

“The documentary had all the Declan hallmarks; crisp, descriptive writing; persistence, ingenuity and bravery in pursuing interviews in the most difficult locations; a real story, and a vivid message of outrageous social injustice…”

Susan Mahoney, CBC Radio producer

“Declan Hill writes a well-researched book, of investigative journalistic brilliance”

Shaka Hislop, ESPN soccer expert and former professional player.

“I read your book and it is quite amazing. You have got the story absolutely right.”

Wilson Raj Perumal – a top match-fixer



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